100 - 139cm (4ft7)

4ft7 petite sex dolls, with big tits and round butts, are superfine skin and featured organs with real sensation similar to making love with real women. They are easy to move and store. When you catch the big boobs of petite sex dolls, the feeling is as well as you touch real lady’s. Meanwhile, you could request any postures for petite sex dolls because of its steel skeleton and ball joints.

Although petite sex dolls are small stature, the big boobs and enormous buttock are the features of petite sex dolls. Sometimes, the owners also call big tits sex dolls as thick sex doll. For the Juicy lover busty TPE sex dolls, we provide so many new designs. Certainly, according to different demand of owners, skinny sex dolls are also available. No matter demanding about thick sex dolls or skinny sex dolls, choose from our online store to ensure your quality and competitive price. Remember! Through online consultation and leaving the message to gain senior technical and quality service.

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