140 - 149cm (4ft11)

For 4ft11 mini size dolly girls, they are more cute and sexy sometimes because of teen girl stature with adult facial contour and mature female organ features. The most of petite love dolls would be big boobs and pretty butts to tempt you to reach the high level of sexual desire.

Some of mini size women could be born in Europe, however the most of 4FT11 petite women will be found in original Asia territory. When you own a petite realistic love doll, you could image the wonderful fancied journey to alien lands, then suddenly find that a lot of amazing sexy young women around you with perfect body size such as big tits, slim waist and big butts. They are really keen to serve you as tourist guide and accompany you to anywhere you never visit before. In this strange country and for a week touch with her, this cute guide falls in love in you, and accept you in a romantic night in a luxury hotel. On the bed, she arouse your sexual desire and proactively match your every difficult sexual postures and till you reach to happy end.

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