For 5ft3 159cm real sex dolls, they are so proper stature with hug boobs and big butts. When you meet them first time in real, you could not refuse to release your sexual desire with them, whose includes ebony skin, blonde skin, brunette skins and so on.

There is a so wonderful and fabulous imagination about 5ft3 life size sex doll with you. When you enter into a beer bar after duty off time, then you walk straightly to a seat close to the waitress you often see her there. As usual, you call her for a glass of Carlsberg beer, and fantasize this waitress would be your girlfriend due to the smooth skins and huge boobs of her always attract you and push your rise of sexual desire. She passes by your side and suddenly falls down by accident, then you hold her immediately. Certainly, coincidental touching to her big boobs stimulate a young woman’s desire and she also loves your handsome face. “I buy your beer, sweet.” she said to you. You should know the consequence... A damn good sexual life with her as debut for both of you.

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