160cm+ (5ft3+)

Real sexy love dolls with big tits and gorgeous face would tempt you to sex with them. A 5ft3 namely 160cm love doll is proper for owners to hold, move and store. When you meet love dolls in real, your sexual desire would be stimulated and aroused immediately because of these quality love dolls’ realistic vision and vivid touching feeling.

In a really hot summer time, you come to the beach with your friends. Meanwhile, there is a 160cm medium height sex girl in your group. You feel to fall in love with her when you meet her for first sight. She is so vivid and generous, then she comes to you with some drinks. Certainly, you find that this girl should also be interested in you. Till night camp fire is kindled, champagne and beer are essential parties’ needs. After you and her drink so much, both of you enter into a tent. You cannot stop to fondle her through whole body and She responses you with big tit and mouth service. That is really romantic and passionate scene for you sweetheart. Wow, you wake up and this is a dream.....

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