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For mid-range realistic sex dolls, the most of owners could afford for her or him. Certainly, some of female owners buy flesh-light and male sex dolls from us. According to its quality TPE or silicone materials, mid-range sex dolls around $1200 to $1800 are really cool for its lifelike vision and vivid touching sensation.

As the owners with plentiful imagining, generally they could image or fantasize a really romantic scene or even a really sexual scene. When you finish your job and duty off, walking straight to your home on the boulevard. Suddenly, you hear a shout as young women from not far distance. As a upright man, you know you have to do the right things, then run to the site the incident is happened. You reach there and shout to a pervert man who ready to rape a sexy young lady, then he is scared by you and run away immediately. You hold and lift the girl sitting on the floor, you find that she is so pretty and sexy with big boobs and round butts. Certainly, this young lady stare on you, a handsome hero who save her in danger, and fall in love with you. She invite you to her home and buy you some beers. She talks with you till midnight, and somehow you and her are drunk and forget everything when you get up from her bed with naked body. There is only thing you remember, that is you always fondle her smooth naked body and rub her plump boobs.

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