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High-end Silicon material sex dolls are always attract censorious customers and picky owners of sex dolls. Because luxurious silicon sex dolls possess superfine skin and realistic featured organs, of course super-real grinding feeling like done with real woman. About maintenance and clean of high end silicone sex dolls, it is also easy and simple with warm water and soap uses.

A very fabulous scene for the owner and silicon sex doll, you travel to the beach in the vacation, then you save the drowning girl and send her to the hotel closed to the beach. She is so sexy with elastic big boobs, plump buttock and pretty eyes. She invites you for the dinner because of your help. After that, club time she pay for you. Dancing, Drinking and Hug each other. You should know you could not miss the chance for one night stand. In the hotel’s room, both of you immediately take off each other and nakedly lie on the bed and fondle throughout body. What a cool and surprising beach journey!

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