Coronavirus is spreading, and we all care about your personal health.

If you feel alone at home, buy our realistic sex dolls for personal excitements. But when you need to go out, you should take extra cautions. The initiation of this virus could be traced to eating wild lifes, and it then spread mostly through air. (Don’t worry about delivery packages, virus cannot survive without a living creature.)

It is a necessity to wash your hands more often, and store a few masks in case you have a flu. And now, we have just the trusted source for both disposable masks and advanced respirators!

Offer Details

For a limited time, we offer face masks as free gift for each order you place on You will have one of the following two options:

  • Surgical Mask (x10)
  • N95 Respirator (x5)

You can find these options when before you add your desired love doll to the cart here.

Free Mask Options

We charge no extra fee for masks, and you can also opt out of this offer by selecting No Thanks.

Masks are sent separately from our partner’s factory, so you might be experiencing a delay between your doll’s and your gift’s delivery.


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