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High quality sex doll from gemsexdoll, the sexdoll manufacturers, has win the good comment no matter for love doll quality or customer service from us. Meanwhile, based on the popularity around USA and Europe, our customers have mentioned a list of questions such as materials and quality of tpe sex doll and silicone sex doll, uses of lifelike sex doll, maintenance of sex toys, shipping after sales and so on. So every questions from doll owners not only help us to facilitate each part as improvement of the best sex doll since production, placing orders, delivery to after sales service. Below is realistic sex doll FAQs with our expert answer to satisfy customers across the internet.

What is Realistic Sex Doll?

A lifelike sex doll, is also called love doll, sex toy or blowup doll, is a type of sexual toy in the size and shape of a sexual partner for aid in masturbation. In Japan, real sex dolls is known as “Dutch wives”.

In pace with new materials and technologies, TPE materials have come into common use particularly by Chinese sexdoll manufacturers since 2012, amid silicone sex doll was at first made from tin-cure silicone and later high quality sex doll of silicone materials has entered into high end market.

The biggest advantage of tpe sex doll or silicone sex doll is that you can customize them to your liking. If you like a smaller partner or want a more fulfilling sexual partner, you can find what you want in a love doll.

How does it feel like to sex with real sex doll?

Besides the lack in fulfilling the emotional intimacy, we have to say that the general consensus is high quality sex doll from reputable sexdoll manufacturers like us are great and awesome for sexual physical pleasure. So list some advantages below,

  • Kissing & Touching

Each lifelike real sex doll may meet owner’s demand as kissing and touching fondle. The owners may get real feeling as well as kissing or touching real girls. Remember high elasticity of tpe sex doll is much more comfortable than real women’.

  • Sex by Oral

For special function of love doll, you may choose oral sex silicone sex doll. She will satisfy owners of lifelike sex doll to the happy end when sexing by oral.

  • Sex by Vagina

The most of high quality sex doll from sexdoll manufacturers would meet the simple function namely sexing by vagina. There are two types of vagina to equip with realistic sex doll, one is fixed vagina and another is removable vagina. Lifelike sex doll with fixed vagina could be super similarity to real women. There is no any difference between sexing with sex doll with fixed vagina and sexing with real female.

  • Sex by Anal

This is really cool function to prepare by sexdoll manufacturers because it is matched to most of owners demand. When sexing with real women is not easy or is not allowed by anal sex, but anal love doll could afford to you.

Between TPE and Silicone sex doll, which you choose?

Silicone is a traditional material used in realistic sex doll. TPE is a material derived from a mixture of silicone. TPE is tasteless for love doll. Due to plastic and wrap protection, there may be a slight odor when opening the package. Silicone and TPE are both high quality sex materials. Silicone sex doll is typically regarded as the more durable material and TPE sex doll as the most realistic. Here are the main attributes of each materials of high quality sex doll:


TPE is lower cost than silicone.

Smooth texture.

Real skin feeling.

Good heat retention.

No smell.

Good compression capabilities.

High elasticity (Softer to the touch).


Compatible with water based lubricants.


Silicone a bit harder than TPE

More durable uses.

More expensive.

Easier to clean.

Safe for human contact.


So every lifelike sex doll from us, a trusted sexdoll manufacturers in HongKong China, are high quality TPE sex doll to provide for the customers. No matter tpe or silicone materials, it should depend on your preference according to our suggestion.

Option between removable vagina or fixed vagina

Sexdoll manufacturers produce different realistic sex doll’s vagina to meet users’ needs. Normally there are two types of vagina of sex doll for sex toys markets. One is removable vagina, another is built-in vagina or called fixed vagina. The vagina is built-in to the high quality sex doll, is just like a real woman’s however the removable vagina is a sleeve or flesh light-esque tube that you can insert and remove from the lifelike sex doll. The tube is held in place by the love doll’s labia.

When you are ambiguous for the options of two types of vagina. You could refer the suggestions we offer. The most of our clients prefer the built-in vagina as it provided super cool realistic experience about these best sex doll. As taking considered into complete realism, fixed vagina would be your favorite when someone choose removable vagina so that it is easy to pop-out and clean.

Sex Doll Care

  • Clean Your Love Doll

It is suggested that the whole love doll should be hydrated with mineral oil once a month to keep its new appearance. We recommend using water-based lubricants when having sex with realistic sex doll. But some people don’t like it. Make your own decision. It is also safe to use Vaseline or baby oil instead of lubricating oil. If you want to use conventional lubricants, make sure it is water-based, not silicon-based, because it can damage TPE sex doll of TPE materials. Non-greasy and transparent lubricant as recommendation.

  • Dry Your Lifelike Sex Doll

Sometimes using warm water and soap to clean the best sex doll is also good way. Certainly, it can be washed with a hot bath or shower. Be careful not to let silicone sex doll’s or TPE sex doll’s head get wet. Remember! To dry the doll, do not use a hair dryer. Just use a soft towel.

  • Clean The Vagina/ Anus/ Mouth

Each TPE or silicone doll is equipped with a vagina irrigator or vaginal flusher. After use high quality sex doll, then flush the hole with the water pump provided by us. Then insert a cloth into the hole to absorb the remaining humidity. We recommend using tampons to dry the holes of realistic sex doll, 1 for the mouth, 2 for the vagina and 2 for the anal opening.

  • Clean Your Sex Doll’s Face

If you need to clean the face of realistic sex doll, just wash her with water and soap. Dry, do not use a hair dryer because if you heat the doll over 40 degrees Celsius, it will start to melt. Then apply some baby powder to love doll face, it will absorb any residual moisture and improve the touch.

  • Sex Doll Wig Care

Synthetic wig, and it is just like the real wig. If you consider to clean the wig, then take off it from real sex doll and sink wig into warm water with cleaning by shampoo, then dry it.

Everything about shipping and delivery

All of our dolls are made in Hong Kong, China and shipped from China. Once shipped your doll will arrive within 3 to 7 days depending on how long it takes to pass through customs. Some customers also care about the questions below,

  • Do You Ship Worldwide?

Yes, we ship all of our products worldwide! Free shipping is available and no tariff and taxs.

  • Whether I May Pick Up Sex Doll Instead Of Delivery To My Door?

Yes. We can ship to a FedEx store or UPS/DHL for you to pick it up. if you prefer to pick up your sex doll instead of having it delivered to your door, you can arrange to pick up it at your local FedEx or UPS store instead (Now FedEx or UPS is the good way to help you solve the issue). Please contact us online or email us for the nearest FedEx or UPS address.

  • Whether Sex Doll Ship To My PO BOX?

Sorry for that. Due to the peculiarities of lifelike sex dolls, such as big size or bulky, etc. International courier cannot send the goods to post office box address. Once you place an order and find shipping address filling with P.O. Box line, Please update the shipping address or send us a detailed address by email or online customer service. We will help you update it immediately so that we can accurately send the order to you.

  • Time Of Processing And Shipping Out

As sex doll products are special and involve complex working procedures so generally it takes 2 or 3 business days to complete manufacturing a love doll. We will send you the shipping tracking number to the email box once your order is shipped out.

  • How Long Until I Receive My Sex Doll?

All Sex Dolls will be completed and shipped within 4 or 5 working days. In case of the number of orders received or if a doll does not pass our quality assurance tests, we will need extra more than 3 working days. Average delivery time for our love doll sex doll is 6 to 12 working days. For both domestic and international.

  1. Once your order has been placed, it will be 1 to 2 weeks until you receive your realistic sex doll.
  2. Orders may take up to 7 to 11 business days to deliver depending on how long it takes to pass through customs!



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