Know and Care Your Penis When Sexing with Your TPE Girlfriends

Sex toys are becoming more and more realistic-looking and comfort-using with the advance of new materials and technology aiding in their manufacture processing which also led to their eventual price drop and easy-to-store benefits. People nowadays are also accepting these silicone or TPE dolly girls (or at least becoming less shameful of discussing such).

However, not every adult gets to know the proper way of using them with proper attention to penis care; hence the intended satisfactory failed to appeal to a number of males. Not to say some are still coming with the idea that such toys are only for desperate men.

A mature and diligent human grown-up should be aware of sex toys’ positivity in mankind’s normal and healthy life. Also, these toys coming in different form factors such as those which emulates partial organs of opposite sex, or a full body TPE doll, are not limited to one gender. With the above knowledge known to more and more people, the sex toys are expected to see an increase in sales, which pushes even the manufacturers of the poorest quality (yes, currently the sex toys market are flooded with poorly-made gibberish) to improve their quality and manage to enhance their efficiency in production, and eventually benefit real customers offering single masturbatory experience to the best excellence.

Many men in this market prefer a doll rather than simply masturbate with their bare hands due to its similarity to actual intercourse. And as such, it could possibly improve their penis health and work on issues, such as premature ejaculation, or to enhance their technique when they are in bed with a real partner.

We’ll give out a few hints concerning your penis health when using sex dolls.

  • Choose professional and trusted sex doll manufacturer. TPE dolls are easy to produce as of now and for all sites you can get from Google search results, they mostly probably are OEM/ODMs. You should ensure that they provide proper certificates and factory sample photos before making your choice, and also make sure to use safe payment and shipping options. Read their terms and policies thoroughly. Check out honest reviews for their products.
  • Avoid a trial run from your friend’s. Sex toys are not ideal for shared due to potential disease, and not all users are as attentive to clean their dolls thoroughly after their enjoyment.
  • For blown-up dolls, try electric pump instead of manual pump. For a full-sized doll to inflate it could take massive lung power on your own.
  • Use lubricant and condoms. Although the dolls are designed for penetrative exploration, there can still be significant fragile. Using an appropriate form of lubrication will protect the penis from tearing. And condoms are 100% recommended even you don’t need to care about your partner’s “health”. Those might not be included with your doll so you might want to prepare them beforehand.
  • Check out your doll’s add-ons. They could be preheated if possible to offer you a better experience with included heating devices. If it’s not present, do not warm it yourself.
  • Notice that dolls could be squeaky and makes noises during use. Also some manufacturers has made it an add-on option to let the dolls make voices and screams for authentic intercourse simulation. Make sure you’re alone if you want to keep it clandestine.
  • After use cleaning is essential! Dolls could be reused for a certain time. To achieve so, make sure you clean all parts thoroughly especially the penetrable parts. Follow the instructions the sellers provide.
  • As dolls deflated, even if they are small enough, they still takes a considerable amount of space even if it’s a mini doll. Arrange your storage space beforehand is important. Also listen to the manufacturer’s advice to avoid damaging the dolls from further use.

GemSexDoll provide TPE male and female sex dolls of a wide variety—from big breast beauty to miniature girls. If you don’t know where to start, here is a good choice to explore your masturbatory options!

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